Saturday, 18 May 2013

How to Earn Money Writing Captcha Codes

Captcha are the verification words you enter when signing up in any website, those words are to prevent robots from making multiple accounts or gaining multiple access on the platform.

How it Works?

Writing captcha codes needs a human to be able to solve it, even robots that can bypass Captcha words they are based on humans that have typed it in the past, that’s how this trick works. It pays you to write captcha words for them to be able to make a robot that can bypass them easily, and the robot will be paid for users.

1) Go to MegaTypers website

2) Click on Free Signup button to access the registration page.

3) Enter your Account information: Email, Password, Name…

Note-1: The Payment Method will not be changed later, so select it wisely…

Note-2: The Invitation code is : 6ERO


4) Check the button that says Important, Enter the verification words from the image and Click Register.



5) After Clicking Register, a new Tutorial page is shown and you can use it to learn some useful menu options. You can also click Skip Tutorial and continue with this guide.

6) Here’s the different parts of the website and their functions:

     6.a) This statistics table is the Payout Rates per 1000 Images: depends on Time of work and Hours of Work, be sure to work on a high payout time.

     6.b) The Solve Images tab: here you can solve verification codes and earn money, this method is very slow and you have to wait 15 seconds on every captcha.

    6.c) The Solve Images faster tab: can help you solve images faster with less timeout and waiting times, with realtime payment so you can earn money faster.

   6.d) The Profile and Payments tab: is to request payments and other personal info.

   6.e) The Affiliate tab: you can refer friends so that you can earn money while they work 10% of their earnings go to your balance.

7) This is what you need to know to start using MegaTypers and make some extra money in your pocket

How to Earn Money Writing Captcha Codes


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